Sabel’s interest in art began early on in life, and he was always fascinated with the real stories behind images. It was in his early…

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ASIA 2012-2018

The Philippines – Reality TV Series, 2012Hong Kong – Private Political, 2015The Philippines – Product – Launch, 2015Indonesia – Global Leader Summit, 2016Thailand – Private Political, 2016China, Beijing – Private Political,…

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MIDDLE EAST 2015-2019

Middle EastJordan – Private Political Photo Documentary, 2015Tel Aviv – British Embassy Israel, Boris JohnsonSecretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 2015Jerusalén – Private Political  VIP, 2015Dubai – Private Political, 2015Dubai –…

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EUROPE 2015-2016

PHOTOGRAPHY  Slovenia – Corporate Event, 2015London – Digital Coin – Launch, 2015France – Property, 2015Germany – Global Leader Summit, 2016London House of Commons – British ParliamentOxford – Oxford University Magazine, 2016Sweden –…

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Sabel was commissioned for his first wedding in 2002 and has since been invited as the official photographer for over one hundred weddings, including that…



HAWAII: 2015 Private commission documenting real-life with photographs. British Family.   LOCATION: USS Missouri (BB-63) is an Iowa-class battleship and was the third ship of…

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