I am highly potential individual with a lot of determination. Throughout my professional career as a photographer and entrepreneur I had the opportunity to work in many productions abroad and my own studio in the city of Oxford, I am looking for a role in a company where I can contribute to a team and be in this work environment again. I feel very confortable working for a small growing company to a large organisation, I strongly believe in lead from example, this is why I have never been afraid to roll up my selves to do any kind of work

I am highly motivated and always give a can do attitude, a creative thinker always full of thoughts and seeing different perspectives for improving, always pushing to reach larger audiences.

I really enjoy taking challenges, I know that they give the best of me when it comes to resolve the problem, I am very patient and honest when I teach, during my time in my studio I taught and did photography workshops for nearly 3 years, during this time I persuade them and even influence positively many of my students to get the best out of them. As a founder and owner of Studio Blanco from 2005 to 2015 allowed me to develop technical knowledge about cameras, lighting equipment and media production, and overall strength my negotiating skills, manage, negotiate deals and the most important dealing with likeminded people from all levels and ages.

half of my career experience I have been an active entrepreneur, and along I am always discovering new trends on how people “consume” and what people is willing to buy at the value that we tag.