Sabel’s interest in art began early on in life, and he was always fascinated with the real stories behind images. It was in his early twenties when he discovered his true passion for photography, after being inspired by seeing his own first dark-room developed documentary photograph. 

Sabel has always said that he can find a relationship with his subject whether it is a person, an object, or a landscape, and it is this passion for narrative as well as image that has created stunning and memorable photography over the years. 

His 24 year career in professional photography has taken him to more than 30 countries, documenting real-life stories with photographs.

His highly professional approach and deeply-rooted ethical standards have led him to be the trusted and confidential photographer of many private, political and personal clients.

Since 2016, from the base of his home country of Mexico, Sabel has continued to work on private international commissions in China, Dubai, Canada, Australia, The Bahamas, and Malaysia. 

He has also followed his passion of documenting real life stories of Mexican families, their customs, and celebrations. Strengthening skills in reporting authentic experiences and moments in the lives of real people.